Reginald Buller – Transoceanic Mycologist

Note: It has been awhile since there has been a new post at here at Mycorant. I intended to keep it up starting last summer but a “mishap” knocked me out of commission for about six months. I’m back now. ***** A number of years ago I wrote a short biography of mycologist Reginald Buller […]


Calibrating the Exo Labs Microscope Measuring System for Sub-micrometer Resolution

The Exo Labs camera and iPad app combination makes for an easy to use photo documentation and image analysis system useful in a wide range of applications (Figure 1). However, I recently found a situation where the standard way of calibrating the measurement system didn’t work for what I had in mind. I wanted to […]


Mycoremediation Campaign on Indiegogo Falls Short of Goal

I was disappointed to see that Radical Mycology’s Indiegogo campaign Bioremediation of Industrial Pollution came up short of its $50,000 goal. Too bad, because it was a project worthy of support. They did raise almost $7,000 though. Perhaps they will try again with a more modest proposal. An exploratory project with a bit less scope […]

Mother of Vinegar in a cup (photo by Zinneman)

Follow up to the Mother of Vinegar Question

I received more information from Ben, the guy who requested information on combating mother of vinegar in his process piping. Thank you for posting an article for me on the Mother of Vinegar. I may have some potential further information. See below from one of my suppliers. It involved trying to find a UV wavelength […]

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 6.26.49 PM

Mycology Stuff on iTunes U (or Not)

iTunes U is Apple’s portal for accessing free educational material. The offerings range from books to podcasts and video instructional series. I thought I’d look around to see if there was anything of interest to the fungally inclined. This, after attending a really great demo by an Apple rep on all the really cool material […]

Know Anything About Mother of Vinegar?

Mother of Vinegar in a cup (photo by Zinneman)

I received a message recently asking about something called “Mother of Vinegar.”  Ben, who is having some trouble with the stuff wrote: I have no idea if this is the appropriate setting to ask this, but I was looking for mycology experts online. I work in an industrial setting and our process creates an environment […]

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