Daily Archives: September 7, 2009

It’s Matsutake Time in Oregon

It’s official; a mushroom rush will begin on Tuesday, September 8 in the woods of Orgon. Lucrative Matsutake Mushroom Season Opens In Oregon by Ethan Lindsey has the story.

“Mushroom hunting season is here. And for residents of Chemult, about an hour south of Bend, the next two months are pretty crazy. Gidget Flanagan: “We go from a little old town of 150 people to well over 1000.” Gidget Flanagan owns the Featherbed Inn in town. Gidget Flanagan: “Mushroom season has become more dependable than our tourist season. It’s become that almost one-third of our annual revenue comes from these two months in mushroom season.”

Apparently, matsutake is pretty popular in Bhutan right now too.

And there is this guy in Oregon, who makes a pretty good money harvesting matsutake along with other mushrooms from the Oregon forests (although he’s none too happy about the collecting regulations).