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Bend Bulletin Takes a Close Look at Matsutake Harvest

Thanks to a tip from an Oregonian I had contacted looking to get some inside information on the local matsutake season, I found out about Mushroom Moderators by Kate Ramsayer.

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An excerpt: “Matsutake mushrooms draw roughly 1,000 people to the woods southwest of La Pine each year. The harvesters, many of whom speak little or no English, set up camp and get to work. If they run into problems, they turn to a monitor.”

Be sure to check out the additional photos that are a part of the article.

More on “matsis” (Tricholoma magnilevare) [..and no, I don't think common names should be capitalized]:

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I’m not really into cooking but here are some matsutake recipes.

Matsutake at Mushroom Expert

And here are some flickr images tagged “matsutake.”
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