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National Geographic Covers WNS

The latest issue of National Geographic has a short but interesting article on the continuing crises haunting the population of hibernating bats. The article “Bat Crash” by David Quammen, and an accompanying photo gallery, is available online via the magazine website. The article webpage also offers a video of how photographer Stephen Alvarez photographed a […]

News From the WNS Front

It looks like things are going to get worse before they get better when it comes to bats and the fungal scourge of white nose syndrome (WNS). Over the past month there has been steady production of web updates on the spread of  the disease and recently there has been an uptick. What Can Be […]

A Proposal To Close ALL Caves to Protect Bats

The Center for Biological Diversity published a press release today outlining a proposal to close all caves to protect bats from a perceived impending collapse of bat populations brought on by the fungal disease, bat white nose syndrome (WNS). Emergency Petitions Filed to Close Caves and Save Bats From Extinction The Center for Biological Diversity […]

Does Europe Hold the Key to WNS?

An article by David DeFranza appearing a, European Bats Resistant to Deadly Fungus, discusses reports indicating that European bats are more resistant to white nose syndrome (WNS) than North American bats. Currently, reports from eight countries in Europe have described bats with white mold on their wings and muzzles and four countries—Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, […]

WNS Update

Google news lists 199 recent articles about bat white nose syndrome (WNS)! Often that will happen when some new finding or announcement is made and then a whole bunch of news outlets base an article around it. Often they are very much the same. Here are five of the best and most timely. Bats reintroduced […]

Wisconsin Preps for Bat WNS

The fungal disease of bats known as white nose syndrome (WNS) is heading West. According to Sounding the Alarm for Bat Health by Meg Jones: “For now, Wisconsin’s bat population is hale and hearty. But a devastating fungus is racing through cave-dwelling bat populations in eastern states and it’s headed this way. White-nose syndrome has […]

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