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A Mid-September Colorado Foray

I don’t get out on many mushroom hunts these days, but with the record one-day rainfall of last week, I figured that over the weekend it would be as good a time as any to get out. So, on Sunday, September 18 we took a short trip over to Black Forest County park in El […]

Telluride Mushroom Festival Coming Soon

The Telluride Mushroom Festival in Telluride, Colorado (where else?) will be held from August 26-29, 2010. This, dubbed the 30th Annual Celebration of All Things Fungal & Entheogenic, features guest speakers Paul Stamets, Gary Lincoff and Daniel Winkler, among others. From the Festival website: A four-day intensive with workshops, slide-shows, films and lectures in Colorado’s […]

Santa Cruz Fungus Fair This Weekend

Yes this weekend, January 9-10, 2010. It’s the Santa Cruz Fungus Fair. According to the website some of the highlights are: Lectures by prominent mycologists and basics of mushroom identification in our popular Mushrooms 101 class. Dr. Tom Volk, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, a very popular and knowledgeable professional mycologist, will discuss the wonderful […]

Mycoblitz in Colorado (September 18-20, 2009)

A recent trend in fungal forays is the “mycoblitz.” According to the definition at Mykoweb a mycoblitz is “…a quick, intense survey of the fungal species present.” There will be a mycoblitz in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in mid-September. This will be a followup to an earlier mycoblitz held at the same location in […]

Mushroom Poisonings of Dogs on the Rise?

I just wrote a short article for another website about mushroom poisoning in dogs. In the article I stated that it is a fairly rare event (and I still think it is). But, wouldn’t you know it, not everyone agrees. An article entitled More Dogs Sickened by Mushrooms appeared today at a Denver news channel […]