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Mushroom Hunters Should Beware of Cliffs

It would seem that when one’s eyes are peeled for any signs of valuable fungi, the probability of walking off of a cliff seem to go up considerably. At least that’s the story out of Italy these days, as the so called “massacre” of mushroom hunters has resulted in 18 deaths, ten of which were […]

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Anthony Doerr Strikes it “Rich” With Fungus

A nice op-ed piece appeared on July 2, 2010 at the website of the New York Times. Not your typical, “this is what it is like on a morel hunt” piece, Anthony Doerr (seemingly writing from McCall, Idaho) gives us glimpse into what a pleasant diversion from the troubles of the world can be had […]

Women Make Better Mushroom Hunters?

I do not know how Kevin Lewis of found out about a forthcoming Evolution and Human Behavior paper by  Pacheco-Cobos, L. et al., “Sex Differences in Mushroom Gathering: Men Expend More Energy to Obtain Equivalent Benefits” but you gotta’ respect him for it. In his column, Uncommon Knowledge, Lewis briefly describes the results of […]

Gearing Up For Morel Season

Word on the web is that people are getting excited about morels. One of the guys MycoRant follows on  twitter has mentioned getting his gear ready and making a few preliminary forays to check things out. In fact reports are already starting to come in about successful hunts. ‘Shroom, ‘shroom, ‘shroom: Guess who went morel […]

Don’t Eat Wild Mushrooms, California Says

Avoid Wild Mushrooms, State Urges! Serious Illness, Death Possible! Well…yeah, so what? Kind of makes sense considering that California has tried to prevent the sale of wild mushrooms in some locales. State health officials on Friday reminded Californians that collecting and eating wild mushrooms can cause serious illness and even death. According to the California […]

Martha Stewart Meets Gary Lincoff

Thanks to a tip from Fungi Insider, the blog from Fungi Magazine, we learn that Gary Lincoff recently had a talk with Martha Stewart about wild mushrooms. According to Martha’a website: Gary Lincoff shares a glossary of mushrooms and explains the tools needed to mushroom hunt. Here is Guide to Wild Mushrooms. Links to a […]

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