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Swimming with Mushrooms (or, the Fungal Life Aquatic)

Word has been floating around the mycological community for awhile now about the discovery of mushrooms developing submerged in a fresh water stream in Oregon. Now the research on these mushrooms has come to full light with the publication of a paper in Mycologia: Jonathan L. Frank, Robert A. Coffan and Darlene Southworth, (2010), Aquatic […]

Bend Bulletin Takes a Close Look at Matsutake Harvest

Thanks to a tip from an Oregonian I had contacted looking to get some inside information on the local matsutake season, I found out about Mushroom Moderators by Kate Ramsayer. An excerpt: “Matsutake mushrooms draw roughly 1,000 people to the woods southwest of La Pine each year. The harvesters, many of whom speak little or […]