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Fungal Visions Updated (at Last)

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When I looked at the post list at Fungal Visions this afternoon, I was appalled. The last post date was… I’d rather not say. Better today than never I figured so I took a look around YouTube and picked out a few videos that looked worth further perusal. Anyhoo, it got updated today with five […]

New Videos Posted at Fungal Visions

Literally hundreds of videos a month that are found with keyword searches for “mushrooms”, “fungi” or “mycology” are posted to YouTube every month. Most are irrelevant to our interests but a few are worth checking out. Here are four that are worth more than a cursory look and they are posted at Fungal Visions. Fungal […]

Attempts to Steal “Know Your Mushrooms” Thwarted

The movie Know Your Mushrooms by Canadian producer Ron Mann does have some legitimately posted trailers on the internet—like at the official movie website. There are a few clips on YouTube but none them look all that “authorized” to me. There is this KNOW YOUR MUSHROOMS Excerpt featuring Gary Lincoff, which is still up so […]

Four New Vids at Fungal Visions

Four new YouTube videos have been posted at Fungal Visions, a site that collects and features videos about fungi (“Who needs viral videos when you can have fungal videos?”). These are on the BillNyeRulz channel although it is far from clear that Bill Nye has anything to do with them. I rather doubt it actually […]

Five New Vids at Fungal Visions

It’s been awhile since I got around to uploading some new YouTube videos to Fungal Visions. I recently took the time to look over the most recent uploads to YouTube that had anything to do with mushrooms, fungi, or mycology. There is always a steady stream of such things. Most of them are not worth […]

Strange Fungus Cartoon Music Video

A reader sent in a tip (thanks!) on this strangely entertaining cartoon called “Shrooms” (what other name is there for a whack mushroom cartoon?). The website is Weebl’s Stuff and the toon is described as A full length version of the Mushroom Song from 8-Bit Pwny Club since so many of you requested it. Animated […]

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