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A Massive Repository of Yeast Fluorescence Micrographs

The Yeast Resource Center Public Image Repository (YRC PIR) is a large database of fluorescence microscopy images of yeast, with a focus on the important model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae with some attention given to S. pombe. 84,270 Experiments 530,982 images ~450 gigabytes of data Not bad. A press release posted at 7th Space offers a […]

Recycling Spent Yeast

Is Recycling Yeast an Option? asks Erin Voegele in her article at Ethanol Producer. Sure lots of yeast must eventually be disposed of in the brewing industry, but with the growth of fermentation to produce ethanol fuel, it could become more of a disposal problem. An excerpt: “Sugarcane ethanol producers typically recycle the yeast used […]

Some News from the World of Yeast

Here’s a selection of recent news and information from the wonderful world of yeast. (Did you know the completed yeast genome sequence was announced in 1996?) Wine Yeast Unique New Zealand Wine Yeasts Discovered comes from the Voxy News Engine. “Scientists from the University of Auckland have discovered a unique group of New Zealand yeasts […]

Ancient Yeast Makes Interesting Brew

Wired magazine has an article on a brewery that used an ancient yeast strain to produce a craft beer. Actually, The Making of a Prehistoric Brew is a picture gallery but there is a lot of text and explanation to go along with it. In northern California, Stumptown Brewery has used a 45-million year old […]

Open Helix Offers Free S. cerviseae Genome Database Training Tutorial

Open Helix, provider of training programs for scientists, has a free version of their Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD) web-based training product. The company offers both online and site-based training on a range of genomic analayis tools. According to the company website: “OpenHelix provides convenient and effective online tutorial suites on the most powerful and popular […]

The Sound of Dead Yeast

The July 29th Pulse of the Planet featured the cellular sound of dead  yeast cells. A transcript and audio file of the segment “Cell Sounds: Death” are available. From the transcript: “Jim Gimzewski recently discovered that the motion within yeast cells produces a sound you can listen to, if its highly amplified. Now, after performing […]